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Welcome to the Community!

Posted on Jul 23, 2018 | 0 comments

Welcome to the Community!

The people we have made connections with during 30 years in foreign service have made lasting impressions on each of our lives.

Our legacy is sharing experiences of travel to interesting nations where diverse people and their crafts find their way into our hearts and minds.

We have created this community to extend the work that we have accomplished, and we hope to enrich others through this project with a lot of fun, beautiful arts and crafts, and most of all the eye-opening experience of exotic lands.

Stay tuned for talks from Community leaders, new Projects, and of course our upcoming Educational series on the Carpets and Culture of the “Rug Countries.”

Each of these are ongoing projects and you can expect updates at least twice per year, or more as the Community gets involved.

See you soon!

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