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Rug Countries

These countries are important to us:

Central Asia

Uzbekistan suzani textiles market

Textile Market in Uzbekistan © Sharon Lundahl

We lived and worked in the five countries of Central Asia, just after they broke away from the former Soviet Union:  Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.   Each of the countries has its own psychology and personality, and we have great memories of each.  Because we shopped a lot, there are many souvenirs and cultural artifacts from each of the Central Asian countries hanging on the walls and decorating the floor of our store.  Many people comment that our store has the atmosphere of a  foreign market or middle eastern souk.

Other Rug Countries

Iranian Black Tent

Iranian Black Tent © Abas Rahimi

Other countries are especially significant to us because they produce great rugs.  These are: Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.  Even though we don’t travel there now, we now have friends in each of these countries who are rug experts (or jewelry or bead makers) and will ship us products.  They send us hundreds of pictures of emails, so we have a good choice, and then mail us their treasures.

The Future

Each year we take two big foreign trips, shopping and taking pictures for our store.  Some of these trips will result in write-ups for new countries, as well as blogs with pictures of new items for sale.  In October 2011 we will go back to Turkey, and then stop off to see old friends and places in Uzbekistan.