Antique Turkmen Jewelry

Our largest collection of antique jewelry is from the area now known as Turkmenistan.  The Turkmen were known for creating the most elegant silver tribal jewelry, which included necklaces, headpieces, plaques, beads, rings and other ornaments.

Meanings significant to a warrior people

They often decorated with incised lines of gilding to accentuate and define the lines, and used oval or round settings of carnelian stone or red glass.  Many designs in their jewelry carried meanings from their history as a warrior people.

Their ornaments served to protect as well as to decorate.  Some pieces were supposed to have homeopathic powers, some magic, and others made reference to pre-Islamic spirits and superstitions.

Pre-islamic spirits and superstitions

Marriageable maidens of rich families could wear jewelry weighing from 6-8 kg, causing them to move and walk with difficulty.Antique Jewelry Necklace Riding Crop from Turkmenistan Silver Carnelian