Culture is so much more than how we look, how we dress, or what kind of arts and crafts or products we create. Culture provides a means to understand ourselves as people, often through our stories. Whether old world or new- stories are one way we record our lives and learn about each other.

Interestingly enough, so much of the culture experienced in our store comes from stories in the crafts themselves. You are welcome to learn about our journey and the manifold parts to Music for the Eyes making it what it is todaySome of our history and a few of our travels are recorded in the Travel Blog.

So much of what we have experienced is brought through our store. After more than 30 years in Foreign service, some people would be done. Perhaps our secret is that we created the store following an “anti-job” mission- we decided to do this as long as it doesn’t seem like a job.

We loved the travel and the experience so much we wanted to share that with others. We decided to keep it fun, and we are rewarded seeing how much joy it brings others just to come in and “Ooooohhhh” and “Ahhhhhh” at every turn.

When people do buy things, closing the circle of trade that begins sometimes over 12,000 miles away, we think of the individual families who have created the Rug, or made the jewelry, or the beads… we take delight knowing that on some level everyone’s family gets a little closer through the exchange. We give thanks for this.

“There is so much more to [the store] than meets the eye. It’s a means of connecting people and culture through the world’s #1 language- trade.”