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Iranian Carpets

A “scenery rug” gabbeh woven in southern Iran. © Sharon Lundahl

Iran is the greatest rug-making country in the world, and the art of designing and weaving rugs dates back to ancient Persia.  Today, Iran is the largest handmade rug producer, and 80 percent of their carpets goes to the international market.

Gabbeh Carpets

Gabbeh Rug

Gabbeh Rug

We are particulary proud to have on display a collection of high quality Gabbeh rugs, including those from the award-winning Zollanvari.  Zollanvari and other rug producers  have given the best wool and vegetable dyes to tribal women weavers in southern Iran, allowing them to continue creating their wonderful folk-like designs and colors, while someone else handles the exports.

Gabbeh Rugs in our Shop. © Sharon Lundahl

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