Shopping in Marrakesh

Old Berber Jewelry from Marrakesh

For our first shopping trip after COVID, we chose to go to Marrakesh.  Morocco has always been one of our favorite destinations, and our store needed some more color and cool Berber jewelry.

A Shop in the Marrakesh Souk

It is always fun to rummage through interesting looking stores in the souk to hunt for treasures.

Metal Signs with French and Arabic

We loved these metal signs with writing in both French and Arabic, so we are having the artist make  80 pieces for shipping to Music for the Eyes in early November.  Just in time for Christmas presents!

Fred and Salah Martane in Marrakesh

Saleh Martane has been our supplier of Moroccan goods for about ten years.  Now he has a store of his own.

Selling Spices in Marrakesh.

Exploring the Medina (old city surrounded by a wall) in Marrakesh is all by foot.  You always come across unexpected delights.  This is a shop in the spice market.

Moroccan Weaver of Scarves.

One of the purposes of the trip was to find more craftsmen and suppliers for the future.  This young man made scarves which can now be found in our store.

A Jewelry Store in Marrakesh

We purchased lots of jewelry on this trip.  In addition to the old Berber jewelry mentioned above, we found old Tuareg symbolic pendants, as well as modern versions in silver.

My Stuff!

At the end of the day, in one shop, we are wrapping up some of our purchases which you can now find in Music for the Eyes on Whidbey Island in Langley, Washington.




Music For The Eyes

Not specifically men’s, but you need to visit the store to see the options. More of the shipment is coming soon. Sharon

Joel shrut

Fred and Sharon, I delight in your intrepid spirits and the beauty you share in the world and our hometown community of Langley. Always treasures to discover at Music for the Eyes.

john riehl

I can practically hear the sound of the souk, hear exotic Moroccan music and taste exotic spices. Thanks for putting descriptive captions on your pictures!


Dear Sharoon and Fred, Glad u were able to continue ur travel. as always i enjoyed the beautiful pics of the wonderful jewellery.


It must be exhausting choosing from that treasure trove.
I hope you have a relaxing riad to return to at the end of the day.

Music For The Eyes

It was especially exhausting the first 10 days, as temps were up to 96 (F). But, we did have amazing riads this trip. Sharon


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