Vote for Music for the Eyes?

For the first time ever, Music for the Eyes has been entered in the “Best of Whidbey” contest.  If you are happy with your time in our store, could you take a few minutes to vote for us?  We are entered in two categories:  “Best Shopping Experience” and “Best Gift Shop.”

You can follow the link for voting:

Voting for Best of Whidbey is fun, fast and easier than ever | Publisher’s Column

or do the following:

l.  Google “Best of Whidbey 2023”.

2. Choose “Shopping”

3.  Choose “Gift Shop” or “Shopping Experience”

4. Register with first name, last name and zip code

5. Vote. (Never more than once a day, the instructions say!)

Most of Whidbey’s population is in the city of Oak Harbor to the north of our island, so most awards go to that area.  We are hoping that our wide-ranging supporters might make a difference.

Meanwhile, in Langley, we were happy that Fred returned safely from three weeks in Uzbekistan.  I know he arrived in 120 degrees heat, but eventually the weather cooled down and he had a good time.

Fred will be writing a couple of blogs soon to tell you about his activities in Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent.



Nona [Penny] Sanford

Music for the Eyes is the BEST on Whidbey. It is one of the treats I want to see FIRST!! Beautiful store , Beautiful people.

Barbara Heller

Wish I could vote from Canada. Your store is the best.

I was in Uzbekistan for 2 weeks last March and can’t wait to read Fred’s blogs. barbara

Molly Felder

Welcome back Fred! Music for the Eyes has my vote in both categories! Favorite store, that is for sure!

Irene Bloom

I LOVE Music for the Eyes and always make a point of shopping there when I am on Whidbey Island!
Your wonderful ethnic and diverse items in the store are a pleasure to browse through and shop!

Jestine Lackner

LOVE to hear of all the adventures and am happy to cast my vote for Best of Whidbey.

Will never forget catching a ride from Fred around Whidbey Island back June 2021. Music for the Eyes is an incredibly welcoming store and helped inspire my 4 month solo travel to SE Asia and Europe!

Cheers from Montana,


So happy for the opportunity to vote for such an amazing store with such amazing owners. What Sharon and Fred do for others goes light years beyond what any “Best Of” awards could possibly recognize.WE LOVE YOU TWO! Whidbey Island surely must be is the luckiest Island in America!


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