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Visiting Turkey and (NOT) Gobeklitepe

Fred and Sharon spent a week in Turkey on this latest trip. Luckily we had easily obtained online visas some time before the current low point in relations between our two countries.  The political impasse means that Turkey had stopped airport and online visas, thus hindering touristic travel.  We can only hope that both countries… Read more »

Morocco — Better and Better!

Sharon and Fred  just completed another tourism and shopping trip to Morocco in June.  We are just amazed by the fact that Morocco seems to get better and better in every way. The first time Fred visited, back during the current king’s father’s reign, there was just one international airport at Casablanca.  Although tourism was always great… Read more »

Chile & Argentina

During our recent trip to Patagonia, we visited both Chile and Argentina.  We liked the flora, fauna and folks in both countries, but wondered why they have had so much trouble getting along throughout their history. Looking closely at a map–you notice that there is a section of their joint border in the southern Patagonian… Read more »

Driving in Mongolia

  Mongolia is a vast country–13th largest in the world–with a small population–3 million.  Of interest to the driver, is that it has fewer kilometers of road per person than any country in the world, and some of the worst urban traffic. Until the 1990’s virtually all vehicles, and there weren’t many, were of Russian… Read more »

Novia Scotia and the Cabot Trail

Mid-May was a great time to visit Novia Scotia.  We were there one week before a 24-hour relay race with 70 teams of 17 runners each…and the commencement of the tourist season. We were also a couple of weeks before the onslaught of black flies, which takes place in June before the heat of the… Read more »