Please Help With Your Ideas about Travel in Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

Fred Shopping in Istanbul, Turkey. © Sharon Lundahl

Now that we have  completed six blogs about our recent trip, we would like to ask for our readers’ help in planning our next trip to Turkey.  What new place in Turkey should we visit next and what new things should we buy for our shop?

Here are some questions which you could answer and share:

(1) What are your suggestions about travel in Turkey?

(2)  What’s the most interesting place you’ve been that you didn’t know about before you went there?

(3)  What is the most outstanding (or surprisingly good) hotel or restaurant you found in Turkey?

(4)   What new treasures should we look for in Turkey to sell in our shop?

(5)  What interesting rugs should we look to buy in Turkey?

(6)  To help us in our blog-writing, which of our Turkey blogs did you enjoy most (or least)?

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Kars, the End of the Road

Slightly Seedy Trabzon

Amasra on the Black Sea

The Midnight Bus to Safronbolu

Old Istanbul (Stamboul)

Turkish Man in Spice Bazaar in Istanbul

Turk in Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. © Sharon Lundahl


Richard Hayes

We spent a much less hectic 18 days in Turkey in 2011, before your trip. We were not just shopping or looking for interesting things to bring home. It was our first time in Turkey.

We lucked out in Ankara at a very nice B & B (Angora) in the citadel district. Also in Assos a great two room B & B run by an American widow whose late husband was a historian.

I am glad that we did not make the effort to visit Trabzon after reading your account.

Our next trip this year, after a relatiuvely short hop to Mendoza in neighboring Argentina, will be to Ukraine in April & May.

Richard Hayes
Sousas, Campinas, SP

get zapped

I started my 3-month solo trek through S. Europe in Istanbul and my first few nights at the colorful and spirited Kybele Hotel

I then took a ferry and bus to Avalik where I stayed at the quaint and peaceful Taksiyarhis Pansiyon

The towns along the Aegean are precious. I also stayed with a host family in Dikili where I was treated like a queen.

My memories of Turkey run deep.

teşekkür ederim ~Michelle


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