Floods in Hunza, Pakistan

Pakistan Flood Hunza

A girl Studying in Pakistan's Flooded Area. © srizki_flickr

As our friends and customers may know, one of the projects we support is a weaving cooperative in Hunza, in the northern mountains of Pakistan.

Now the people of this village are in crisis due to recent flooding in their area.    The girl in this picture is studying in an open field because her school has been destroyed.

I just received this email from my friend Didar Ali, who is referring people who want to help to a U.S. charity interested in re-building their schools.

Here is the email from Didar Ali:  “If you like to support the educational activities of children of Shishakat Village Hunza.  Most part of this village was sunken under the artificial lake formed as a result of a large landslide at Attaabad which blocked river Hunza for several months.

“Many of our friends in North America showed interest to help educational activities in this village.  Only one community high school is survived for the whole of the village and this school needed more facilities to accommodate all student.  Citizens foundation USA took interest of help the educational needs of this Village.  If you would like to make any contribution, please contact Danial Noorani for more information in US.”

If you’re like to learn more, or help, please visit Danial Noorani’s website:

Home 2020


Needlepoint Cushion from Hunza © Sharon Lundahl

In normal times, we have been happy to buy lots of the Hunza ladies’ wall hangings and cushion covers, which have mellow colors because of the natural dyes they use.   The art of embroidery is an ancient tradition in Hunza, which is near the city of Gilgit in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.  It is wonderful that the women can come to work in the workshop, or even in their homes, so they can help support their families.    In addition to embroideries, they are now making rugs, which are of the highest quality.


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