Summer in Langley

Fred Lundahl at the Friday Second Street Market. © Sharon Lundahl

We are enjoying blissful summer days in Langley, our home in the Pacific Northwest.


Even though it has been quite cool so far, we are expecting  weather in the 80’s this coming August weekend.


Kids Buying Corn. © Sharon Lundahl

Most of you know that our shop,

Music   for the Eyes, is located in a small village on the sea, where we can watch for whales in the spring—greys who come up near the shore to scoop up ghost shrimp at high tide.

Langley is home to about 1000 people, and –even better– we are located on an island.

To visit Whidbey island, take a ferry from Everett on the mainland north of Seattle, and come to our forested paradise.  Our “traffic” happens when the ferry unloads.

Herons and birds abound, and our favorites, bald eagles, nest in our tall trees and entertain us all year long.

Most of all, we love the people of Langley. 

These pictures are taken at the Second Street market, which is put on each Friday by the new Main Street organization.  The market has local vendors, music, food, buskers, friends and visitors.   You are welcome to join the party!

Singing Happy Birthday at the Second Street Market. © Sharon Lundahl



Janet Ploof

This is a great idea and the photos are happy!
Is the math part a trick question? JP


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