Talks at “Music for the Eyes”

Fred Lundahl, speaker and owner of Music for the Eyes

Fred Lundahl will give four talks this summer in our shop in Langley, “Music for the Eyes.”

These will focus on the history and handicrafts of each of four of the former-Soviet Central Asian countries, as follows:

11 June:  Tajikistan

10 July:  Turkmenistan

14 August:  Kyrgyzstan

11 September:  Uzbekistan

These will all be on Saturday or Sunday evenings, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.   Attendance is free, and we welcome guests to bring any rugs or handicrafts from these Central Asian countries.

Fred as a pirate in April "Whale's Day Parade" in Langley


Bill and Judy

Wish we could be there to comment on Captain Freddie’s talks. Best regards, Bill and Judy


Would you have the bandwidth to broadcast these talks through Skype or something like that?


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