The “Muse and I” Concert

Music Concert WA Langley Music for the Eyes

Ro Purser and Russell Clepper Playing at Music for the Eyes

In March, Whidbey Island musicians performed a  “shop concert” at Music for the Eyes.

This time around thirty guests heard  acoustic guitar music and songs by Russell Clepper, accompanied on seven-string dobro slide guitar by popular Whidbey musician Ro Purser.  Additional vocals were provided by Sarah Primrose, who is the “Muse” to Clepper’s “I” in the ongoing “Muse and I” tour the duo is presently carrying out in Texas and the southwest.

Clepper’s diverse folk and country-style songs reflect his roots in both Quebec, Canada and Texas.  On our “You Tube” channel, we have placed four of Clepper’s songs from his concert at our shop–two in English and two in French.

We hope you will enjoy them and will also have a chance to hear Russell, Sarah and Ro in person at various venues this summer in Langley.

1)  “Steal My Car”

“Steal My Car” on YouTube

2)  “La Valse A Gaetan”

“La Valse A Gaetan” on YouTube

3)  The Streets of Quebec

“The Streets of Quebec” on YouTube

4)  “Fiddle and the Bow”

“Fiddle and the Bow” on YouTube


Bill and Judy

Glad to see you both are enjoying retirement and keeping busy. We on our way to Las Vegas for a week of work and visiting with kids from LA. Jon remains as grumpy as ever. We still doing some few jobs along with Bob Gullo. When will it ever end?

Russell Clepper

Sharon and Fred,
Now that we’re back from our Southwest tour, here’s a big thank you from the Muse and Eye for hosting our kick-off concert at your store.

We had a great time performing there, surrounded by all the beautiful rugs, art and clothing. It was a fine beginning to a successful tour.

Thanks also to Ro, Ne’ra, and to everyone who came out to see us.

russ and sarah


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